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gamification for corporate eLearning

Corporates are consistently looking for better ways to deal with training programs for their employees. Training that is grounded as a game-based has reliably been connected with corporates since it offers you the best chances of content use and retention, which subsequently prompts better-trained employees. Gamification for corporate eLearning is as of now an extensively used idea, and it is just not restricted to corporate organizations, gamification is also being adapted in different fields like schooling, nursing, corporate, aviation, and some more. The thought behind choosing it over any traditional method is to give a practical hands-on approach to the employees to accomplish set objectives and goals. With gamification for corporate eLearning, they play the games, address the problems, and find the answer for those challenges. The collaboration generally further develops the IQ level of the employees and also supports the administrative skills.

How gamification helps us with training purposes? Firstly, what one needs to understand is – while games are for fun and leisure purposes, gamification refers to adding game-like elements and mechanisms into non-game context, which enhances user engagement with the system, which results in better retention, so adapting gamification for corporate eLearning will serve to achieve objectives and goals in a much better way than any traditional methods. Secondly, another important point to note is, how every person is different from others and is perceived the differently same way, how they learn and their pace of learning and training differs too. With traditional methods, it is expected for them to learn everything in one go at the same pace but with gamification, it’s not the case, it allows everyone to learn and enhance their skills at their pace and learn from their mistakes. 

Few benefits of adapting gamification for corporate training – 

  • Engaging Experience 
    Gamification makes learning more significant by breaking down ideas into small steps which are easy to understand. With this method, companies can make learning and training more captivating by planning content around the objectives they are trying to achieve. This becomes more engaging for employees as it allows them to learn at their own pace, helps them understand in a much better way, and is a risk-free environment.

  • Reduces the fear of failing 
    As it is a risk-free environment, it is controlled, employees can experiment with their knowledge and take up their own decision without thinking of making mistakes and failing. This makes a huge difference, as it allows them to be free and convey much easily and eventually develops their decision-making power too.

  • Non-cognitive skills get developed 
    Gamification for corporate eLearning helps to enhance and develop skills like patience, self-control, and motivation, which are as important in a corporate environment to do a fulfilling job as having intelligence. 

When implemented rightly, gamification for corporate eLearning can add an entirely different dimension to training, enhancing theoretical information with practical hands-on experience. It gives the chance to practice in a simulated climate, consequently learning by experimentation and being away from expensive real-time mistakes, and boosting employees to do better in real-life situations.

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