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Virtual Reality based Training

Training and employee onboarding has evolved and adjusted as per the requirements of the time. Organizations have started adopting new and effective methods of training to increase employee engagement and get better results, but in doing so they end up spending a lot of their budget and resources. So what is the next big trend in employee training in an organization? How can big organizations save millions of their budget and yet improve training program results? Enter Virtual Reality based training

VR is going to be the next big thing in the corporate training and e-Learning industry. Mark Zuckerberg, during the recent Oculus Connect 6 conference said that VR is the fastest growing technology. It’ll see a significant growth in the future and the application of virtual reality tech is really vast, especially in the training and learning industry. Leading multinational companies have foreseen the benefits and advantages that Virtual reality based training can bring into the organization and have already started incorporating them in their existing training methods.

The top 3 benefits of implementing Virtual Reality based training are:

  • VR training can help the organization to reduce the training hours of the employees. The time thus saved in the training can be utilized for other on-the-job training needs.
  • VR training is a one-time investment, which means, in the long run, it effectively costs lesser than the regular classroom training.
  • It gives better results as it increases the engagement and knowledge retention through an immersive and interactive training experience.

Organizations across the world are recognizing the benefits of Virtual reality based training, and have started moving towards the new-gen training methodology. What are you waiting for? 

At Indusgeeks, we create high fidelity learning/training simulations specific to your needs and work with you to ensure that the outcome of your program is higher. Our solutions are available on desktop, mobile, tablet and browser-based, making it accessible anywhere and everywhere. #MakeanImpact