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Game based e-learning

E-learning has been used for training and learning purposes for a very long time, it’s not a new technology. What’s new is how it has been evolving since the years. It all depends on how well the content is being used as the interaction is based solely on elements of multimedia, animations, hyperlinks, etc., the content has to be good enough to interact well with the audience. Game-based e-learning is one of the forms of e-learning. 

Game-based e-learning is a process where learners have to play games and have to reach set objectives. Each learner gains knowledge and is trained through gamification. The sole purpose of this is to make sure that a learner/trainee from any sector is prepared to deal with the complexities and challenges one can face on the job. It urges learners/trainees to tackle issues, practice their creative mind, execute methodologies, play as characters, and win the game. 

It is one of the fastest-growing sectors and is being adopted not only by the education sector but also by multiple organizations from different corporate working sectors to train their employees. Game-based e-learning addresses probably the most important problems that need to be addressed in corporate learning, for example, worker ability to bridge the gap and the difficult procedure of onboarding recently recruited employees. It’s a productive, versatile mode for training professionals. Learner/trainees who learn through this methodology retain information much longer, as they have effectively found the substance as opposed to learning it in a compliant way.

what is game based e-learning? Here's a quick look

Game-based e-learning has proven itself beneficial as-

  • It’s customized and personalized.
  • Requisite retention rate.
  • It’s designed according to the specific working sector and its guidelines.
  • Engagement rates are high as learners pick up the information to finish the game successfully.
  • Promoting learning by guiding trainees/learners through real-life situations.
  • Simplify the concept and enhance a learner’s ability.

Organizations are finding the approach of game-based training constructive for their employees and trainees. They can spare 50% to 70% of their general training budget plan by executing eLearning. Game-based e-learning furnishes workers with a convincing setting applicable storyline, attainable objectives, consistent criticism on their advancement and rewards, for example, accomplishment rewards, and open acknowledgment. The trainee/learner likewise gets stalled while getting trained to learn from their mix-ups and attempt again with maybe a different kind of approach. Through game analytics, an organization can gather and break down learner/trainee’s execution information, empowering them to follow execution on a continuous premise and distinguish where and when execution backing and interruption is required.

The viability of game-based training and game-based e-learning for training purposes can’t be neglected. They can affect learning commitment and inspiration such that no other method of training can address successfully. Since a prepared workforce impacts key business drivers, there is a need to make corporate e-learning additionally captivating, inspiring, and engaging for 21st-century workforces. Game-based e-learning has an important task to carry out in such a manner and ought to be considered as a vital piece of corporate learning systems.

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