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game-based training
Since the last couple of years, games have been influencing the training and learning culture in many industries, game-based training or interactive training games or serious games or simulations, you name it and quite a few industries and organizations have already started to pick them up as a way of training for their employees and staff. Game-based training’s entire learning process is characteristically associated with the game, and just by advancing through it, the trainee procures new abilities and information.

Game-based training helps build up the compelling and psychological potential in the areas liable for soft skills in a way that is important in the realm of any industry. On the off chance in the game based training, trainees need to deal with specific assignments, where they have to work together with a group or individually, it gives them a magnificent chance to understand and know the environment they will be dealing in and the kind of situations they can go through in reality. These connections which they learn and make throughout their training period comes handy when they face the same kind of situation in actuality, as they have to in any case work with these people as a piece of their occupations.

Variations game-based training can bring

Now, talking about as to how game-based training is the right choice for any kind of industry-

  • Motivation
    The way the game is designed enables a trainee to feel motivated which in a way keeps them engaged over a long period throughout the whole training process. The few features which work in the way to make them feel motivated are the badges, leaderboard, badges, etc. 

  • Boost Productivity
    Game-based training makes a trainee think out of the box, it is designed to make them push themselves and get the desired outcome. They will perform better and think productively in this way.

  • Adaptivity
    It is that part of the training which makes sure to enhance a trainees behaviour and the outcome they are getting from a situation they have been playing, it reflects them and their characteristics through the game, it helps an industry or organization to see as to how easily and smoothly one can adapt his or her surroundings and how they’ll react in the same.

  • Easy to track trainee’s progress
    Through game-based training, employers can track any trainee’s progress and assess them and can see to it that the desired goal is being achieved or not. 

Game-based training serves as an effective way for all kinds of industries in achieving business objectives and desired goals through their employees and staff. It has seen an amazing uptake in the last quite a few years and also has proved itself as cost-effective. An integrated approach like this allows us to move above the simple learning or training ways and to work up cognitive, motivational, engaging, and socio-cultural methods that contribute to the process of conceptualization, problem-solving ability, and decision making. 

At Indusgeeks, we create high fidelity learning/training simulations specific to your needs and work with you to ensure that the outcome of your program is higher. Our solutions are available on desktop, mobile, tablet, and browser-based, making it accessible anywhere and everywhere. #MakeanImpact