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Game-based eLearningIn this day and age where technology is advancing every moment, MNC’s are trying to keep their workforce updated according to the needs of changing time. Soft-skills like critical thinking, decision making, interpersonal skills, etc are the most desired skills in the employees so as to build an efficient and productive workplace. But it is difficult to train employees with all the required skills with the traditional method of training, so how do MNC’s train their employees? Game-based eLearning is the answer!

Game-based eLearning is a simple method of training that uses game-elements and game-techniques. This method makes training fun, interactive, effective and engaging. Not only that corporations can save up to 70% by resorting to this method of training. But what are the reasons that MNC’s are moving to this form of training? Let’s understand in this blog why game-based eLearning is used today in MNC’s across all departments for training.

Game-based eLearning in MNC

  • Unified training:

The biggest feature of MNC’s is that they are present in many countries around the world but still, the procedures and processes stay the same. And so it is important that the learning and training given in all these locations must be standard. To standardize the process of training corporations use custom Game-based eLearning

  • Higher return on investment:

Corporate training programs need a huge amount of investment. The company benefits from this investment only if it can develop and conduct training programs which are highly successful. And Game-based eLearning and training improves employees’ skills and performance and also increases knowledge retention. A fun and effective training can result in happy employees who become the reason for the organization’s growth. It can be also be updated to adjust to the new developments in the market. All these benefits give MNC’s higher return on investment.

  • Challenges the employees:

Game-based eLearning will challenge employees to expand their knowledge base. Scenarios in the games will put them in real situations that they’ll face during the course of their job. It makes training competitive and fun by having a leaderboard and employees will perform better to score better than their colleagues.

  • Portability and Ease of access:

With game-based training and eLearning, employees have easy access to the training materials anytime as these games can be hosted online across all types of devices. They will have access to the training materials anytime and anywhere and can complete the courses at their own pace and capability.

  • Customizations and branding:

Game-based training modules can be created custom as per the requirements of the company. This can help build brand awareness in the minds of new candidates. Custom branding and adjustments make the training program more impactful and shows how much importance is given to employee training in the organization.

Game-based eLearning programs help MNC’s to train their employees effectively and yield better output than traditional methods of training. Apart from the 5 listed advantages, there are many more that make this form of training a better option for the company. It is a win-win for both the employees as well as the organization. And this is the reason why MNC’s today worldwide are moving from traditional format of training to Game-based eLearning for their corporate trainings.

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