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game-based training

As we all know, game-based training aims and engages the learners directly and the concept of it is nothing new. Industries like aviation and the military have been using it to train their employees and staff and now it’s been emerging and expanding in other industries as well, like, restaurants, corporate or healthcare. It has been an important tool in terms of educating and training in schools or colleges but as technology is changing at a much faster pace than we can stay aware of it and while talking about the universe of game-based training or training games it is nothing different, they are being adapted and emerging at a much quicker pace in the working environment as they have been in the education sector. 

When you want to teach negotiation skills and communication skills or leadership skills or want to train the new hires, you can either opt for a physical training session or a game based training method or gamification method or even serious games for the same, when we talk about adapting game-based training method, it’s about transforming a traditional method of training into a game is an extraordinary method to engage the trainees or employees. People like games since they present a test that the player must survive. With game-based training, the trainee or employee is the player. And they’re persuaded to finish the course as well as win and get the outcome.

Here are a few reasons why game-based training is the future – 

  • Feedback and detailed analytics
    While training, it is important to know how you are getting along and how you can perform better. This is executed through criticism, feedback, and all around organized evaluations. In game-based training, the trainee or employee is given a situation, based upon his/her selection of activities and choices, the employee or trainee is assessed accordingly.

  • Increases problem solving and decision making
    At the point when trainees or employees face a negative outcome to something they do, they will ideally not decide to commit that error once more. Settling on ideal choices about key viewpoints is profoundly critical and the most proficient approach to bring a deal to a close is by trial and error method which is understood by game-based vivid training solutions.

  • A risk-free environment 
    Any learner or employee has a chance to move toward an issue from different angles or takes, without being worried about the outcomes it might have in a real situation. When it is game-based training, learning turns out to be more enjoyable. Simultaneously, being engaged with the game guarantees that training is happening.

With the assistance of game-based training, one can undoubtedly mimic the real-life work circumstances that can be faced. The encounters experienced in game-based training will assist employees or trainees with finding the solutions to the issues that they are probably going to look in the workplace sooner rather than later. This offers them a chance to evaluate various situations and use the best arrangement in a real-life work environment, making them proficient and more gainful at long last.

At Indusgeeks, we create high fidelity learning/training simulations specific to your needs and work with you to ensure that the outcome of your program is higher. Our solutions are available on desktop, mobile, tablet and browser-based, making it accessible anywhere and everywhere. #MakeanImpact