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game-based training platforms

Whenever there’s a talk in regards to developing new skills or even enhancing the existing ones, the question of the methodology to do the same comes up. There have been times when traditional methods of training were given the preference rather than trying a new aspect. But since the last decade, the preference from opting for traditional methods to going for game-based training platforms for employees has grown rapidly. Game-based training as a methodology at times put organizations in dilemma, as it’s games which they need to rely upon, but games make for the ideal training tool to develop new skills or even to enhance the existing ones; skills like leadership, soft skills, managerial, new hire onboarding and many more can be achieved easily. Games advance every one of the attributes like communication, decision making, responsibility, coordinated effort, and teamwork. 

Game-based training platforms offers the potential for being engaging and providing a vivid experience that could make way for greater opportunities for learning and development. Over the past decade, many learning trends have emerged that have reflected upon the market for professional development. 

Reasons why game-based training platforms is what organizations need today – 

  • Building up through failure
    Making mistakes or even failing at some level in this method helps employees to see disappointment as a feature of their development process as they are being training in a risk-free and safe environment. It permits them to acquire skills they can use in the real world.

  • Portable 
    One of the advantages of this method is, employees can be trained from anywhere at any time, which will make training for them easy and convenient. 

  • Dedicated to the common objective
    When team members share a common goal and will be trained towards achieving a set objective while training with this methodology, they will commit in a much better way to it and will pursue it actively. When they all will be involved together, they will get a sense of motivation and ownership.

Game-based training platforms aren’t just about being just cost-effective but it can give better results over numerous traditional training strategies. Most research studies have found that it lessens the time taken to learn, decreases the number of mistakes or wrong decisions taken while playing and training through the game, builds motivation, and helps employees with retaining information longer than the traditional techniques. 

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