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The Importance and Demand for Soft Skills Training

Employer surveys indicate soft skills, preparation, and confidence are more essential to the success of job applicants during the interview process much more than academic or technical skills for that matter. (Houghton & Proscio, 2001; Moin & Biswal, 2012; Office of Disability Employment Policy, 2010).


Approx. 1 million youngsters are joining the workforce today but every 1 out of 4 requires upskilling (especially, soft skills like spoken English) to be employable.

Before the development of interactive training games (Serious games), classroom training was actually the only way to develop soft skills since traditional e-learning and its reliance on one-way slide shows and videos was too theoretical and most certainly lacked the necessary interaction to train employees in skills like daily communication, leadership training games, negotiations, which require constant practice to develop.

There are a lot of benefits we can draw from game-based learning and game-based training for soft skills development. Despite the countless reasons showing how tremendous an impact game-based training has on learning, there is still some skepticism about interactive training games. There are so many benefits for game-based learning and it is one of the most cost-efficient approaches for your organization. Serious games are especially interesting for soft skills as they are one of the few resources that can make the training of the theoretical contents possible, which is essential for efficient skills learning. Game-based training for soft skills is the perfect solution.


Why Serious games Can Train

  • Gaming uses multiple aspects of interactions/intelligence for learning (logical, special, linguistics, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, music).
  • Games are very immersive, engaging, and motivating through new technology and interactions.
  • Active learning—the learner is seeing and doing something always.
  • Games provide another means of performance support and can give learners a competitive edge.
  • Gaming provides just-in-time learning.


Games generally help develop effective and cognitive potential, domains responsible for ‘soft skills’, so valuable in the world of corporate training. Soft skills are not learned with theory or books, but they require a different learning process, based on consistent practice and storytelling. If employees have to work on specific assignments, where they need to collaborate with a team, it provides them a wonderful opportunity to know someone really well, especially if done right with soft skills games in a virtual, interactive environment.soft skills games

So here are a few reasons why soft skills games for corporate E-learning has gone from being just a fad to a necessity:


  • Games are about learning from your mistakes.

The best quality of very successful game-based learning is the integration of tools which facilitates the internalization of content. The most ideal and efficient method for getting the hang of something is doing it, and it is particularly so with the improvement of management skills. Simulators in game-based learning reproduce real-life circumstances in order to have a no-consequence practice with minimal to no-risk and take in these soft skills and behavioral skills that reinforce personal and professional advancement. Game-based learning requires learners to ponder quickly and use logical reasoning to resolve situations. This boosts the development of decision-making skills. These skills cannot be learned from books, or with hypothesis or presentations, but rather just through training. Games have been utilized as a part of crisis administrations training, military training, and healthcare services, retail, manufacturing and countless other domains.



  • Game-based training helps in Cognitive Development

. Using game-based training helps in the cognitive development process. The virtual gaming platform will offer you various challenges that you would find in real life. Facing these challenges and finding befitting answers to those challenges will help your brain to achieve a higher IQ level and reflex. Through researches, it has been found that brain games are extremely beneficial for cognitive development of a person. Hence, game-based training draws more cognitive capabilities for you.



  • It Makes Learning Process Interesting

The traditional approach to learning is not interesting; especially today people do not find enough interest in the traditional learning process. This is because the traditional learning process is quite boring. On the other hand, students are getting used to interactive learning sessions, as they find this process of learning is interesting as well as engaging. Hence, game-based training is not just interesting, but also engaging. If certain things are not easy for you to understand via traditional learning process, opt for game-based training to attain excellent results.



  • Game-based training aids in Quick Learning

Find professional game based learning companies to get a virtual gaming platform for game-based training and e-learning. To master soft skills on a quick time frame, game-based learning is considered as the best solution these days. It helps to learn things faster, by making the overall learning process lucid and practical.



  • Practical Experience to Deal with Problems

When you try to learn something, you may face various sorts of problems or challenges during the learning process. game-based training is a practical learning approach, where learners get hands-on experience through a virtual platform. Facing and solving these virtual challenges will also help in real life too, as the games are often based on real-life challenge situations.


In the corporate training and learning industry, we can find two main modules, soft skills training, and hard skills training. Serious games are especially interesting for soft skills as they make the training of the theoretical contents possible, which is essential for efficient skills learning. For professionals, soft skills are increasingly important for their development. Using classic formats for soft skills training is proving infective while serious games have become an essential tool for corporate training.


Therefore, at Indusgeeks game based elearning for soft skills games combined with high fidelity learning and training simulations to improve your training outcomes by reducing the training time required (for both learners/trainers) and consequently, reduce the overall costs.