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game-based learning platforms

There are quite a few organizations that have started to build game-based learning platforms and training programs which have been transformed into a $100 million industry all of a sudden. According to a research conducted by P & S Market Research, “The global gamification market size was $960 million in 2015 and it is expected to reach $22,913 million by 2022, at a CAGR of 41.8%.”


Every organization wants to adopt corporate training techniques that aid in capturing the attention of the employee and enhances their creative thinking which is now a possibility through the application of game-based learning platforms. The goal is to engage the employees in such a way that the learning imparted during the training can be retained by them once they are settled in the work environment. There are quite a few training techniques that can be used to accomplish this objective, but none is more effective than the use of a game-based learning platform in the corporate training setting.


Game-based learning platforms use game elements to teach a specific skill or achieve a specific learning outcome. It takes your core content and objectives and makes it fun by adding game-like elements ( similar to games like Minecraft or temple run or the legend of Zelda). Where you have all the core training content into actual game-like material. Rewards and recognitions have always motivated employees since inception, and honestly, that is their driving force. Game-based e-learning elements in training promote friendly competition, imparts a sense of achievement, engages learners to achieve the desired behavioral change, and motivates learners to advance through the course and take action, thereby influencing their behavior.

game-based learning platforms

Benefits of Incorporating Game-based learning platforms in Corporate Training

With the help of game based training approach, organizations try to utilize new and effective ways to enhance the corporate e-learning process for an employee through the use of these interactive training games.

1. Easy assessment of employee performance

It is very easy to assess the learning received by each employee through the use of theses game-based learning platforms Certain techniques like summative and formative assessments and analytical questions which are used to determine the level of understanding of the employees during any given training session. Employees need to make strategic choices based on simulated situations that are connected to the work environment. By incorporating this approach, it becomes easy to make the learning process easier and more engaging for the employees.

2. A compelling way to educate the employees

Indusgeeks, an award-winning solutions provider of game-based learning experiences for large businesses uses game-based learning methods that enables trainers to adopt fundamental theories and concepts while teaching the employees in a compelling way that is easy to understand. With these games, employees need to apply the concepts in a simulated environment that replicates the actual work settings for that particular job. The concepts introduced during the games assist the employees to comprehend the applications of these concepts in the work environment, making it easier for them to practically learn about the process.

3. The ideas learned during game-based training can be easily remembered and implemented in the workplace

While traditional training methods make the entire session boring and easy to forget, Gamification corporate training approach can easily be remembered and implemented in the office. The summative and formative assessments of the employees after the training session are usually high, resulting in added ideas that can be remembered to perform better with better practical knowledge on the job with confidence and self-fulfillment. It also enables the employees to evaluate their performance during the educative gameplay training sessions.

4. The application of gamification for corporate training can be applied in diverse industries

This practical game based training methods can be implemented in different industries and verticals. Furthermore, these games can be played multiple times without getting bored due to the very fact that there is always an incentive to achieve a higher score every time during the gameplay. It includes attributes like retail, salesmanship and technical knowledge, making it suitable for different types of industries.

5. Soft skills games for training and Compliance/policy awareness through game-based learning platforms

The Game-based training approach assists in developing not only intuitive but also the emotional potential of the employee that is quite important in the corporate world. Soft skills cannot be learned with theory or books, nor with the technical knowledge, rather they need to be taught with the help of practical ways through game-based learning platforms. With the help of this type of learning and training, each and every employee, irrespective whether they are the manager, supervisor or director will learn the art of dealing with people that will aid them in communicating with all other employees during an actual project at the workplace.

With the help of game-based learning platforms, you can easily simulate the difficult real-life work situations that can be faced by the employee and make them deal with it in virtual game-based situations. The experiences encountered by the participating employees in this game-based training approach will help them to get the answers to the problems that they are likely to face in the work environment in the near future. This gives them an opportunity to try out different scenarios and utilize the best solution in the real-life work environment, making them efficient and more productive in the end.